Re-Write from Matt Gagliardi on Vimeo.

So here it is, the movie that almost killed me. Re-Write is the story of Jake; a screenwriter who's achieved viral stardom on the internet- as he tries to balance out his life between a movie deal and his recent breakup. After he combines the two and writes his relationship into the script- things go differently than he may have planned.

Special thanks to everyone who threw down for this movie. it was a success beyond my wildest dreams. Even my crotchety old soulless film professor liked it and he'd like nothing more than to stomp on my hopes and dreams. The class had strict "non-editing" guidelines that I had to follow so this is the first time i've really messed around with cinematography. He also insisted I inject a banal and antiseptic romantic sub-plot, which I think we did wonders with considering this flick was shot in 3 days.

6 months of planning.
3 days of shooting,

and here we have, Re-Write. I do hope you enjoy.

Re-Write -